Since September we have supported close to 1000 youth living in shelters and their animals. In addition to youth living in shelters, we have supported youth at after school programs in low-income areas, with feminine hygiene items and PPE equipment, by creating over 400 personalized care kits. We are continually launching merchandise to raise funding for our operations. 


1. Transition care kits 

We are seeking to move our efforts slightly, instead of supporting homeless youth that currently live in shelters, we want to create care kits for those transitioning out of the shelter into independent housing. For example creating a welcome kits, with resources for those groomers or vets or mental health promotive resources that have offered their services to us. We want to really support the idea of independent living and finding the confidence to get out of the shelter system, and create a beautiful fulfilling life for themselves. 

2. Educational Seminars

These educational seminars will touch on confidence boosting we want young people like ourselves to feel like their voice holds power, and to emphasize the moral responsibility of volunteering and helping others before they go into their 40 hours of community service in high school. Rather than feeling like a bore or like a dull duty, we need to promote citizenship and responsibility. They will also teach young people about the inequities around us (speak about our learning in Stouffville we didn't know about homeless youth). We want to exemplify all of the global goals and how we can make a difference.

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