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Mental Health Workshop 

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Check out this one-pager about our partnership with and the Mental Health Workshop to learn more and share with friends! 

The 1-hour long interactive 'Be There' workshop walks the participants through the "5 golden rules" when discussing mental health with a peer.  It is followed by providing tools to support people in your life by discussing mental health concepts and finding supportive opportunities.

The problem-based scenarios focus on expanding mental health knowledge and developing a sense of connectedness. Some highlights include engaging activities like journalling, interactive discussions, and real-life examples. This workshop can be facilitated virtually or in-person. All facilitators have been trained by's certified mental health instructors.

What participants have to say...


"My favourite part was how friendly the leaders were!"


"[The youth] all really enjoyed and found it informative."


"I thought the workshop was great. I really like the active listening activity. The youth like activities like that."


"Engaging, made everyone feel special and paid attention to everyone."

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