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1 meal for a homeless youth = 1 meal for their furry companion

The Canadian Courage Project - a Toronto based non-profit organization strives to provide relief to the homeless youth population and their furry companions. The Canadian Courage Project partners with local youth shelters to offer donated food, funds for vaccinations, hygiene products, and essential items to all animal companions.

We hope to provide courage to pets and their owners and advocate for mental well-being for all. 

The Canadian Courage Project is partnered with YouthLink Shelter & Transition home, to support the homeless youth in the Greater Toronto Area.

Today,  Toronto is the 5th most unaffordable city in the world. 5-10% of homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country the rate is as high of 25%

Pet’s have a positive effect on individuals' mental health. We hope to promote positive mental wellbeing by providing the pets with gently used/new supplies.

Our project colour is red to signify courage, our pets offer us courage on a daily basis, it is time we show them the support they deserve.

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Shania Bhopa

Co- Founder & Executive Director

 Anya Bhopa

Co- Founder & Associate Director

Andrew      Reem

Chief Operating Officer

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