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Community Initiatives

Animal Stations & Booths

The animal booth is a pilot program to be able to make more accessible the animal care packages. Our priority is to support youth in their responsibility of care for their animals.

"Youth are becoming the primary caretaker of their animals and they need also to balance with their jobs, school, income struggles, mental health struggles. Animal Booth is here to support the youth!"

- Bluedoor INNclusion home coordinator (CCP shelter partner)

Community Pantry

In partnership with Good Food Impact

Due to  the success of the impact and funds raised from the Take Care of Your Neighbours tote campaign , the Community Party was launched in Stouffville, Ontario!

This initiative is a resource hub filled with food, hygiene items, pet supplies and essential day to day items. 
 This would not be possible without support from our contributors:WS Legacy Fund, Schell Lumber, Rob (our volunteer builder), the Pentecostal Church team and all of our volunteers.

Community Libraries

In partnership with Blue Door

In partnership with Blue Door, we built community libraries at 5 of their affiliated  houses:
Porter Place, Leeder Place, Kevin's House, Passage Place, and INNclusion.

Each program received approximately 60 books and a new bookshelf, with a total of over 300 books donated!

This initiative would not be possible without our contributors:Markham Library, New Market Library, and all who donated their gently used books to our community drive!

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