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Mindfulness & Art Workshop

We are excited to introduce our Mindfulness & Art Workshop, offered to youth under the age of 18 currently residing in shelters across Ontario. Research has shown the positive impact art and specifically painting can have on lowering ones stress.

  • Guided art workshop, starting with 10 minutes of mindfulness at the very beginning.

  • Offers youth the opportunity to get creative and focus on mindfulness. 

  • We provide all of the supplies needed, in the care kits for the specific workshop. 

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"The youth really enjoyed the workshop and created some wonderful pieces of art.  Everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves throughout the workshop.  It was a very much needed break to do something fun during the pandemic when almost all recreational activities are unavailable for the youth due to lockdowns.  We greatly appreciate your organization’s generosity."

- Alison Wrighton

Team Leader, Youth Opportunities Unlimited London, Ont.