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Looking to be a changemaker in your community?


Start a CCP Chapter today!

A CCP chapter is a group of university students who are passionate about our mission, want to make a difference in their community, want to be a part of a student network, and who raise awareness on behalf of our organization.

The purpose of the CCP chapters is to engage students in discussion and activities and provide opportunities for students to develop professional skills in a non-profit environment.

Run CCP Workshops

Steps to Get Started

  1. Read over the CCP Website, and understand our mission and goals.

  2. Find a team of co-founders–we recommend at least 1-3 individuals.

  3. Read the CCP Chapter Manual here.

  4. Fill out the registration form below or here.

  5. That's all! CCP will contact you with further instructions.

Check Out Our Current Chapters

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