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The free, 1-hour long interactive workshop walks the participants through the "5 golden rules" when discussing mental health with a peer.  It is followed by providing tools to support people in your life by discussing mental health concepts and finding supportive opportunities.

The problem-based scenarios focus on expanding mental health knowledge and developing a sense of connectedness. Some highlights include engaging activities like journalling, interactive discussions, and real-life examples. This workshop can be facilitated virtually or in-person. All facilitators have been trained by's certified mental health instructors.

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"10/10! This session was amazing and so calming! Love love loved it! Thank you guys!"

 - Youth participant at YEA Shelter

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"Our youth were focused the whole way through and gave us an opportunity to practice mindfulness through art. I am grateful for sharing this tool as a way of managing stress as many of the youth do not have this opportunity often."

- Scadding Court CC


"I loved the art workshop it was a very positive way to express myself through art. It was very helpful and very fun to do."

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"Everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves throughout the workshop. We greatly appreciate your organization’s generosity."

Art & Mindfulness

This 1 hour guided art workshop starts with 10 minutes of guided mindfulness at the very beginning and then continues to a creative and positive art session.

The guided painting offers youth the opportunity to get creative and focus on mindfulness in a calming and reflective environment. All of the supplies needed are provided in care kits for the specific workshop and age range.


"My favourite part was how friendly the leaders were!"


"[The youth] all really enjoyed and found it informative."


"I thought the workshop was great. I really like the active listening activity. The youth like activities like that."


"Engaging, made everyone feel special and paid attention to everyone."


Our newly created, interactive 1 hour long workshop aims to improve mental wellbeing on an individual level.

This workshop focuses on discussing and expanding existing knowledge of the importance of self care. With activities such as mindfulness, journaling and creating a self-care plan, This workshop can be facilitated virtually and in-person. All facilitators have been trained by's certified mental health instructors.


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Check out this one-pager about our workshops to learn more and share with friends!

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