We are thrilled to introduce our new limited-edition charitable tote design brought to you by the Canadian Courage Project and the Good Food Impact (GFI). 

To address the rise of food insecurity in Canada and its impact on youth facing homelessness, we've partnered with GFI, another woman-founded non-profit organization, to bring nutritious meals to the GTA community. 100% of proceeds from every tote purchased will fund one care package, filled with three meals that are being provided by GFI. 

On launch day if you're located in the Stouffville area, porch drop-off will be available for the next week.

You will receive an email when the tote has been shipped, the estimated delivery time is 2 weeks. 

Feel free to share your purchase on your story and tag us @thecanadiancourageproject. 

*Please wash in cold water only*

Take Care of Your Neighbours Tote